What Does Florida Medicaid Not Cover

While Medicaid covers many services, there are a number of items that are not provided by this program. Medicaid does not cover the following services: Private room, unless it is medically necessary Specially prepared food, beyond that which is generally prepared by the facility Telephone, television, and radio Personal comfort items, including tobacco products and […]

What does Florida Medicaid Cover

The Florida Medicaid program provides medical coverage for Florida residents who meet the program’s eligibility requirements. Once an individual is approved for Medicaid in Florida medical bills will be paid, primarily by Medicaid. These bills include not just nursing home care, but also hospital stays, home health care, home and community based services, hospice, transportation, […]

What are the Medicaid Program Requirements

There are essentially Three Medicaid Programs that cover Long Term Care in the State of Florida. The Medicaid Waiver Program – A program funded by the state and federal government and administered at the county level covering limited home health care and assisted living care. The Medicaid Diversion Program – A program funded by the […]

How To Decide On A Processing Firm

If you answer “No” to any of the questions below, don’t make a decision now. Call Platinum Benefit Services for a free, no-obligation consultation: Does the processing firm offer a free consultation? Does the processing firm offer a second free consultation if necessary? Does the processing firm have experience of more than 3000 cases successfully […]

How much does your service cost?

The cost of our Medicaid filing services are as low as $2,495 and increase based upon the amount of assets that must be accounted for and administratively rearranged.