How long does the Medicaid approval process take

From the time the application is filed the average approval time for Platinum is 47 days. It can be as short as 3 days (unusual) and as long as 120 days. However, the norm is under 45 days. It is important to note that benefits are paid retroactively to the first of the month when […]

Can you guarantee our application will be approved?

Platinum Benefit Services guarantees in writing the approval of any Medicaid application it files. If Platinum fails to obtain benefits any fee paid will be refunded subject to the terms of the guarantee.

Are there any additional benefits for Veterans?

Yes, veteran’s who served at least 90 days of which at least one of the days was during wartime and were other than dishonorably discharged can qualify for Pension / Aid and Attendance which will provide $90 per month as a personal allowance and will not need to be paid to the nursing home.

How Do I Begin The Application Process For Medicaid

There are two ways to apply for Nursing Home Medicaid You will need the following documents before pursuing one of the two applications types DCF Forms State of Florida Informed Consent Form State of Florida Financial Information Release