When you utilize our services your outcome is guaranteed!  We obtain a Medicaid APPROVAL for your loved one!

You can stop being stressed out!  We’ll help in any state

    • Protect your family assets,

    • Maximize income for the Community Spouse (If any),

    • Avoid probate at the death of both the patient and the Community Spouse (If any),

    • Correct past mistakes your family may have unknowingly made such as:

      • Intended and unintended gifts in the past 5 years

      • Selling assets for less than fair market value

      • Failure to document verbal agreements

      • Commingling of funds

      • Etc…

    • You understand

      • What role you will play

      • What role we will play

      • When we will apply for Medicaid

      • When your family should expect final approval for the patient

    • and more…

Platinum takes its role in protecting your family assets with the utmost seriousness.

Platinum will continue to service your case even after we gain Medicaid approval by:

  • Reporting changes of income

  • Reporting and protecting assets if changes occur

  • Filing for death benefits when appropriate

  • Handling annual reviews

  • And more…

Platinum is a full service application processing firm!

Your family will never have to deal with The Department of Children and Families (DCF).  Platinum will become your Designated Representative (DR) and all communication will come through us.  This helps reduce your anxiety and eliminates misinformation from any caseworker that may provide inaccurate information.

If you would like to browse the information on this site and download available reports and information before calling us, please feel free. We hope you find the information helpful.

We look forward to serving you!