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Amanda Porter

Marketing Liaison – Central Region

About Me

Amanda Porter, LCSW, is a dedicated Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion for advocacy and education. Graduating from the University of South Florida in 2015, Amanda embarked on a professional journey in healthcare that began during her internship days. With a background ranging from hospital case management to hospice social work, Amanda has honed her skills in navigating the complexities of healthcare systems. 

Since 2021, Amanda has been an integral part of Platinum Benefit Services, Inc., where she focuses on assisting seniors and their families with navigating the intricate landscape of healthcare and long-term care Medicaid in Florida. With her knowledge of community resources, and professional and personal experience in the healthcare system, Amanda strives to take dedicated time with each client and their families, leaving them with more answers than questions.  

You can contact me on :


Email :  a.porter@platben.com

Timing :  Monday - Friday: 8 am EST - 5 pm EST

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