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Medicaid & Estate Planning Assistance to Medicaid Attorneys

How To Add Medicaid Planning To Your Practice Immediately Without Doing The Work!

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For Attorneys

Alleviate Your Law Firm From Administrative Burdens

Platinum Benefit Services can work with you to file an application for long-term care benefits on behalf of families you represent for developing a “Medicaid Plan”.  After consultation with you and precisely implementing the strategies you recommend, Platinum will expertly navigate the application process while providing complete transparency to you as legal counsel.  This transparency is accomplished with your choice of HIPAA compliant web access and/or HIPAA compliant encrypted email reporting. This reporting will provide all of the pertinent information regarding the case, including Platinum’s medicaid processor notes.

By outsourcing or referring the application process to Platinum, you are freed from the administrative nightmare of navigating the application process. Instead, you are available to develop strategy, create documents, and orchestrate planning solutions for more families with less hassle, less administrative oversight, and less office expense.

Platinum believes the recent Florida Supreme Court ruling regarding UPL and Medicaid Planning has defined the roles for attorneys and application services such as ours.  While the ruling makes it clear that attorneys can carry out all aspects of Medicaid planning and also the Medicaid application process, it can also be deduced that application services like Platinum’s are not only useful, but completely legitimate, even under the most strict interpretation of Title 42, Chapter IV, Subchapter C, Part 435, Subpart J, §435.908 – CFR 435.908(b).

Many wise attorneys realize that unless a legal office is specializing in “Medicaid Planning” only, the application process itself can be hard to manage, inefficient, costly, and leaves the very real possibility of tarnishing a client relationship through no fault of the law firm.

By outsourcing the application to a firm that specializes in application processing, the likelihood of application “problems” are lessened.  In the instance when a significant problem does occur, the problem is likely to be resolved more quickly and with fewer negative consequences regarding attorney-client relations.

If your firm has limited experience with Medicaid planning strategy development, we are here to consult with you, the attorney.  We will help you understand various planning strategies and options that you may determine suitable for your client.  It’s likely that Platinum’s vast experience can help even seasoned Medicaid Planning attorneys develop new strategies for the benefit of attorney clients. Platinum and its staff go the extra mile to be compliant with the Florida Supreme Court’s  Advisory Opinion regarding “Medicaid Planning” and UPL.  Therefore, only you as the attorney can make the initial determination and recommendation to the client regarding any asset protection strategies or legal documents.

Finally, by using Platinum’s Medicaid filing service for attorneys – your firm can retain legal work that might otherwise be lost to another attorney who processes applications.  In-other-words, we can help you learn a new skill and retain the work you enjoy while outsourcing or referring the work you don’t!


What has it been like working with Platinum Benefit Services?

“Platinum truly allows me to enjoy practicing law without the added headaches of dealing with the government bureaucracy.  I have complete confidence that Platinum can take the plan I create, make successful application, obtain a correct approval and stay within the bounds of administration functions.

Without a company providing services like those provided by Platinum Benefit, I would not be willing to practice in the area of Medicaid planning.  I highly recommend Platinum because of the great work they have carried out for both myself and my clients.”

Patrick D. Quarles, Esq.
Richert Quarles P.A.

"As an Elder Law Attorney I would not want to be involved in Medicaid planning without a qualified company processing the applications.  Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. is such a company and is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Medicaid planning and application requirements.

I have been associated with Platinum Benefit Services for over 10 years and consider this association vital to my success in getting my clients qualified and approved for Medicaid benefits.”

Michael Johnson
Pansler Law Firm

"Mr. Turbeville and his team are the best in the Medicaid application processing business.  Not only are they accurate and timely in making sure an application will be processed quickly, they go above and beyond in order to make a frustrating and complicated process as easy as possible for the client and their family.  I highly recommend Platinum Benefits, Inc. and Tony Turbeville to anyone in need of help filing a Medicaid nursing home application.”

Michael T. Heider,
Law Office of Michael T. Heider, P.A.

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