Veteran’s who served at least 90 days that included at least one day during wartime and were other than dishonorably discharged, may qualify for Pension / Aid and Attendance.   This benefit provides $90 per month as a personal allowance which is not paid to the nursing home.  More substantial benefits are available for home health care (including payment to family caregivers) and assisted living up to the following amounts which are completely tax free.

Surviving Spouse $1,149
Single Veteran $1,788
Married Veteran $2,120
Two Vets Married $2,837

Tax Free

Be aware that dramatic changes in benefit qualification criteria in the veteran’s Aid & Attendance program are underway.  It is critical that the information used in evaluating eligibility is current.  The information on this site is believed to be current as of June 1st, 2015.  Changes in the program are certain.  It is crucial that you are aware of any changes before filing an application.  We are happy to provide assistance at your request.

Anyone giving advice regarding veteran’s benefits must be an Accredited VA Representative.  This requirement is true for both attorneys and non-attorneys alike.

No firm, whether attorney or non-attorney, can legally charge for filing an initial application for veteran’s benefits.  If a veteran has been denied, appeals and reapplications may be at a cost to the veteran.

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