THEN YOU SHOULD GET TO KNOW OUR FIRM!  All of these issues can be resolved quickly and Medicaid write-offs can be a thing of the past.  Medicaid rules are clear and if followed, approvals can be assured.  The keys to success are knowing:

  • the client intake process
  • the Medicaid rules
  • the application process
  • the tricks and traps of the application process
  • managing families and legal representatives


Platinum Benefit Services is expert in the Medicaid application filing processWe have filed nearly 10,000 applications successfully gaining 100’s of millions of dollars in benefits for families and facilities over our 23 year history.

Platinum is fully cognizant of, and fully compliant with the new UPL laws and always works with an attorney whenever any asset protection strategy or legal documents are needed.  The client always has the choice of attorneys and we are happy to recommend attorneys at the client’s request.  Further, Platinum provides clients with written notification of various application processing options.

We are a HIPPA compliant firm providing encrypted emails, secured nursing home access to reporting regarding case status and proper signed information releases to insure compliance with best practices.  Your facility can be comfortable referring both “over asset” and “facility cases” to our firm.  Further, if your facility would like to outsource its application department, we are available to explain how that process can work successfully.

Check out the forms and tools provided below that are available to you free and without obligation.