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Medicaid For Nursing Home Care Professionals

For Medicaid Nursing Home Eligibility

Medicaid Nursing home eligibility is full of mystery. Why?  because Nursing Home Medicaid has its own set of rules and those rules are different from Medicaid for food stamps, pregnancy support, cash assistance and other Medicaid programs.

Most Medicaid programs are for the poor.  Not so with Nursing Home Medicaid!  This can be proven with one example based upon the Medicaid Nursing home eligibility rules.  Nursing Home Medicaid allows an applicant to have a home with equity of $688,000.  How many poor people do you know with a home worth a total of $688,000, much less equity of $688,000?  I’ll bet the answer is "none!" You can’t be poor and have that much home equity.

Therefore, there are a few points to consider:

1) Be careful who you get your Medicaid Nursing Home eligibility advice from. Nursing Home Medicaid qualification is a very specialized field.  There is the advice piece and the application piece.  Each is a specialty and requires an advisor that knows the rules that are specific to Medicaid for Nursing Home Care.

2) Don’t feel as though this program is welfare.  Rather, this program is designed for members of “Middle America” needing Medicaid for Nursing Home Care.  All but the wealthiest individuals or families will be devastated by the $10,000 to $13,000 per month nursing home bill that will need to be paid privately without Medicaid for Nursing Home Care. The proof that Medicaid for Nursing Home Care is not designed just for the poor, among other things, is the allowed home equity.

3) Regardless of the type of assets, and regardless of the value of those assets, with proper guidance, anyone can qualify for Medicaid for Nursing Home Care.

To sum things up, Medicaid Nursing Home eligibility is available to anyone who employs proper advisors and takes appropriate action!  By obtaining Medicaid for Nursing Home Care, a family can truly save their assets and still obtain needed long-term care.


All of these issues can be resolved quickly, and Medicaid write-offs can be a thing of the past. Medicaid rules are clear and if they are followed, approvals can be assured. The keys to success are knowing:

Platinum Benefit Services professionals are experts in the Medicaid application filing process. We have successfully filed over 14,000 applications, gaining 100's of millions of dollars in benefits for families and facilities while protecting an estimated $1,000,000,000 in assets over our 26 year history

Platinum is fully cognizant of, and fully compliant with the new UPL laws and always works with an attorney whenever any asset protection strategy or legal documents are needed. The client always has the choice of attorneys, and we are happy to recommend attorneys at the client's request. Furthermore, Platinum provides clients with written notification of various application processing options.

We are a HIPPA compliant firm providing encrypted emails, secured nursing home access to reporting regarding case status and properly signed information releases to ensure compliance with best practices. Your facility can be comfortable referring both "over asset" and "facility cases" to our firm. Additionally, if your facility would like to outsource its application department, we are available to explain how that process can work successfully.

Check out the forms and tools provided below that are available to you for free and without obligation.


What has it been like working with Platinum Benefit Services?

“As a retired healthcare executive (CEO of 4 major systems over 27 years) I was unfamiliar with the significant detailed information necessary to obtain Medicaid approval (for a retired, single, sister). Your staff at Platinum, primarily Jenna Newton, was incredibly professional and proficient. I could not have received better counsel, advice, and service. Words are inadequate in expressing my gratitude to your outstanding organization. Sincerely, Ned B. Wilford”

Ned B. Wilford

“I was glad I found Platinum Benefits when my father needed more care than his previous facility could provide because I had no idea how to apply for Medicaid.  They put me in touch with an attorney for all the legal matters and helped me with all the paperwork.  It was a lot to do but worth all the time and money when Dad got approved.”

Deborah Barker

“I had no idea how to go thru the process for filing for Medicaid.  I was referred to Platinum Benefit from the social worker at my Dad’s nursing home.  From the time of the initial phone call all the way thru people there were wonderful.  They were helpful in explaining things and walking me thru this very difficult process.  Dad’s Medicaid was recently approved and while I from time to time call Platinum with questions, they always help answer them.  Thank you!!”

Jennifer Angel

Our Commitment

Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. is committed to helping families gain maximum government benefits for Long Term Care and providing both compassion and application expertise. Since 1996, we have helped Over 14,000 families qualify for Medicaid while strategically protecting an estimated $1,000,000,000 in assets in conjunction with appropriate legal counsel.

Please note that we are neither Attorneys nor Paralegals.

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