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Estate Planning Attorneys in Florida

Platinum Benefit Services As An Aid to the Estate Planning Attorneys in Florida:

Navigating the complexities of Medicaid can be daunting, but the legal experts that work with Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. are here to guide you through every step. As Florida’s renowned Medicaid application processing company, Platinum Benefit Services aims to shape a financially-secure future for yourself and your loved ones.

With decades of expert knowledge, estate planning attorneys in Florida that work alongside Platinum Benefit Services can be your trusted partner in crafting comprehensive and personalized estate plans.

How Do Estate Planning Attorneys in Florida assist Medicaid Applicants?

1. Asset Protection Strategies:

Estate planning attorneys in Florida employ various legal strategies to protect clients' assets while meeting the Medicaid eligibility criteria. It involves the creation of certain kinds of trusts, like an irrevocable Medicaid trust, that allows Medicaid applicants to transfer their assets out of the estate while retaining control over them and remaining eligible for Medicaid benefits.

2. Income Planning:

Medicaid has strict income-limit criteria. Estate planning attorneys in Florida assist clients in re-structuring their income to comply with Medicaid’s requirements and become eligible for benefits. It entails creating revenue streams that are excluded from Medicaid eligibility or transforming specific forms of income into exempt categories.

3. Spend Down Strategies:

Medicaid eligibility is attained using spend-down strategies. Working with clients to create suitable spend-down plans, estate planning attorneys make sure assets are handled prudently and in a way that satisfies Medicaid eligibility standards as well as the clients' long-term care needs. These tactics include investing in exempt assets, making home improvements, paying off debt, and much more.

4. Preparing Medicaid Planning Documents:

Medicaid planning requires the drafting and examination of certain legal documents, which estate planning professionals handle. This involves drafting living wills, healthcare proxies, and powers of attorney documents that provide reliable people with the authority to make financial and medical choices on the Medicaid applicant's behalf. Our experts are adopt at preparing the Medicaid application documents that ensure there is no delay or rejection of the application.

5. Navigating The Medicaid Rules and Regulations:

The requirements for qualifying for Medicaid are complicated and differ by state. Estate planning attorneys in Florida keep abreast of the current rules, assisting applicants in navigating the complexities of the Medicaid application process. They protect assets, fulfill all eligibility requirements, and guarantee Medicaid application approval by doing so.

Our Medicaid specialists at Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. assist in putting necessary plans into action and accurately processing the Medicaid application for benefits. The skilled estate planning attorney's in Florida devise plans to guarantee your Medicaid eligibility. We cordially encourage you to arrange a meeting with our Medicaid specialists and set out on a path to a stable financial future.


What has it been like working with Platinum Benefit Services?

“As a retired healthcare executive (CEO of 4 major systems over 27 years) I was unfamiliar with the significant detailed information necessary to obtain Medicaid approval (for a retired, single, sister). Your staff at Platinum, primarily Jenna Newton, was incredibly professional and proficient. I could not have received better counsel, advice, and service. Words are inadequate in expressing my gratitude to your outstanding organization. Sincerely, Ned B. Wilford”

Ned B. Wilford

“I was glad I found Platinum Benefits when my father needed more care than his previous facility could provide because I had no idea how to apply for Medicaid.  They put me in touch with an attorney for all the legal matters and helped me with all the paperwork.  It was a lot to do but worth all the time and money when Dad got approved.”

Deborah Barker

“I had no idea how to go thru the process for filing for Medicaid.  I was referred to Platinum Benefit from the social worker at my Dad’s nursing home.  From the time of the initial phone call all the way thru people there were wonderful.  They were helpful in explaining things and walking me thru this very difficult process.  Dad’s Medicaid was recently approved and while I from time to time call Platinum with questions, they always help answer them.  Thank you!!”

Jennifer Angel

Our Commitment

Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. is committed to helping families gain maximum government benefits for Long Term Care and providing both compassion and application expertise. Since 1996, we have helped Over 14,000 families qualify for Medicaid while strategically protecting an estimated $1,000,000,000 in assets in conjunction with appropriate legal counsel.

Please note that we are neither Attorneys nor Paralegals.

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