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Medicaid Application Planning Assistance For the Elderly
  or Senior Citizens 

Medicaid planning for senior citizens, without the right advice, is a dangerous game. The right advice should come from two places working in collaboration.

First, a Medicaid application service like Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. is crucial!  When dealing with a Medicaid application for seniors, the application process itself is a specialty.  There are time standards that must be met, specific proof that must be provided, a maze of bureaucracy to navigate, specific phone numbers and emails that must be used, and on goes the list.  Great legal advice alone won’t get the job done when it comes to Medicaid planning for senior citizens.

However, great legal advice is a must! Where does a family go for great legal advice when a senior citizen needs Medicaid planning.? The Medicaid application service you choose can help guide you to an attorney that knows Medicaid planning for senior citizens.  The application service has likely worked with dozens, if not hundreds of attorneys, and knows the attorney right for the situation.

Medicaid planning assistance for the elderly comes in two forms.  Crisis planning and preplanning.  These two types of Medicaid planning assistance for the elderly are very different!  Allow me to explain.

Medicaid planning assistance for the elderly done in advance of needing long term care is commonly called “preplanning”.  This type of planning is where the misconception that asset protection and Medicaid qualification must be done at least five (5) years in advance comes from.  While it is true that preplanning must be done 5 years or more in advance of needing long-term care, Medicaid crisis planning can be done even after long term care services begin.

Medicaid planning assistance for the elderly done within 5 years of needing long-term care or even after care begins is called “crisis Medicaid planning” and in many ways is more advantageous than planning in advance.  The biggest advantage of waiting and utilizing crisis planning is that the elderly person maintains control of the assets until the last minute.  Most elderly people want to maintain control as long as possible.  Platinum specializes in crisis Medicaid application services.

When Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. does a Medicaid application for the Elderly for the elderly there are many advantages the family and applicant get that are not common in the industry.  Some of the advantages of Platinum handling the Medicaid application for the Elderly.

for the elderly include but are not limited to

1)Verification of assets are handled by Platinum with the institution holding the assets.  In                          other words, we right the insurance companies, banks, brokerage firms, acquire appraisals or                  comparative market analysis on real estate, NADA valuations on autos, etc.  This service is a                    huge time and frustration saver for families.

2)Verification of income is handled by Platinum with the issuer of the income.  Again, a huge                      frustration and time saver for the family.

3)Educational videos and other educational material.

4)Weekly automated updates.

5)Communication with the facility (long term care provider).

6)Coordination of administrative and legal functions.

7)A second set of eyes reviewing for accuracy.

8)Unlimited access to the Platinum staff for the legal representative.

9) Peace of mind for the family.

10) Peace of mind for the facility.

11) Efficiency for the attorney.

12) A stellar reputation.

13) A specialty in complex cases and tax efficient strategies.

14)And so much more.

When platinum submits a Medicaid application for the elderly, we know the approval will happen before we ever submit the case.  How do we know the approval will happen?  Because we know and follow the rules, so the Department of Children and Families has no option except to approve.  Medicaid applications for the elderly are a unique specialty.  Having Platinum leading the way for your family is a game changer!

Please note that we are neither Attorneys nor Paralegals.

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