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Tonya Cope

VP of Marketing

About Me

Tonya Cope serves as a Regional Vice President at Platinum Benefit Services, based in Pensacola with her husband and 2 young-adult children, and covers the Florida Panhandle.  

Tonya’s professional focus centers around assisting families and advocating for the elderly. She has expertise in Medicaid planning, particularly in managing the eligibility process for Long-Term Care Medicaid in home, assisted living, or nursing home settings. Tonya is dedicated to supporting families in navigating complex finance hurdles, ensuring long-term security through expert guidance in the Medicaid application process. She is also committed to providing hands-on, step by step guidance, ensuring a seamless experience for her clients.

Beyond Tonya’s career, she finds fulfillment in achieving a harmonious balance between professional success and family life. She is actively involved in her church, community and local non-profit charities. Tonya’s personal interests include antiquing, cooking and quiet-time reading.

If you are seeking guidance on long term care options for your loved ones, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Tonya. 

You can contact me on :


Email :  tonya_Cope@platben.com

Timing :  Monday - Friday: 8 am EST - 5 pm EST

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