Medicaid Attorney in Miami, Florida

Medicaid is a healthcare program co-sponsored by federal and state governments to provide quality healthcare services to senior citizens. Due to the complex rules and regulations, not all can handle these cases effectively and here comes the significance of a Medicaid attorney in Miami, Florida. If you want to apply for this program, then this is what you can expect from these attorneys.

Expertise in Handling Medicaid Laws:

A Medicaid Attorney in Miami, Florida, has years of experience handling Medicaid applications. They know the intricate laws and regulations governing the Medicaid application. They remain up-to-date with the changing rules and requirements, ensuring you receive accurate and current advice.

Medicaid Eligibility Assessment:

One of the primary roles of a Medicaid Attorney in Miami, Florida, is to assess the applicant's eligibility. He must thoroughly assess his eligibility for Medicaid by evaluating his financial situation, income, and assets to determine if he meets the program. This assessment is crucial because it lays the foundation of the Medicaid planning strategy.

Forming Asset Protection Strategies:

Medicaid has strict asset limits; certain assets must be spent down or repositioned to qualify for the benefits. The Medicaid Attorney in Miami, Florida, develops customized asset protection strategies, allowing applicants to preserve their wealth while meeting the Medicaid requirements. These strategies include building trusts, gifting, and other legal tools.

Long-term Care Planning:

Medicaid is the biggest funding source for long-term care, like nursing homes and assisted living facilities. In such cases, Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. offers the best service to qualify for Medicaid benefits, minimizing the financial burden on the applicant and their families.

Drafting Legal Documents:

Medicaid planning always involves drafting various legal documents like trusts, wills, and powers of attorney. In such cases, only an experienced Medicaid Attorney in Miami, Florida, helps to draft and review these documents to ensure they align with the Medicaid planning goals and comply with Florida's legal requirements.

Reviewing Medicaid Applications:

Applying for Medicaid is a time-consuming and intricate process. The Medicaid attorney guides the application process, helping the applicants gather the necessary documentation. They also help to complete the application accurately, slashing any chance of rejection during the scrutiny phase.

Legal Representation:

Legal representation is necessary when any denial or legal dispute arises during the application. The attorney will provide all the legal support to uphold your rights and interests.

Five-year Lookback Period:

Medicaid comes with a five-year lookback period; in this period, any asset transfer or gifts can affect Medicaid eligibility. In such conditions, a Medicaid attorney ensures that asset transfers have been thoroughly structured to avoid penalties.


You can expect many things from a Medicaid Attorney in Miami, Florida. From drafting Medicaid applications to streamlining asset management, they will guide you to meet all Medicaid eligibility criteria.

Platinum Benefit is Florida's best Medicaid assistance service provider. Having years of experience in this field, it offers expert Medicaid assistance services to elders. 

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