Medicaid Planning for Families

Medicaid Planning for Families is critical as family members age and the likelihood of needing long term care increases.  This could be in-home care, assisted living, or skilled nursing.  Without the assistance of a company that specializes in Medicaid Planning for Families, this process can be extremely daunting and time consuming.

Medicaid Planning for Families is Ensuring That You Receive The Care Needed:

The Department of Children and Families, which is the organization responsible for approving or denying Medicaid applications, has strict income and countable asset limits.  In 2024, the income limit is $2,829 and the countable asset limit is $2,000 for an individual.  While someone who is within these limits does technically already qualify, they will still likely benefit from specialists in Medicaid Planning for Families in order to ensure that everything is filed and approved correctly.  DCF is notorious for making mistakes that cause all sorts of issues if not corrected, which experts will ensure are corrected.

Unfortunately, it is common for DCF “not receive” or claim that they didn’t receive all the supporting documentation for applications.  They often miscalculate patient responsibility (the amount an applicant owes every month), state the month of approval incorrectly, or flat out deny an application in error.  This means that even an applicant who clearly qualifies has a high chance of running into issues that can result in being denied in error, let alone clients with more complex situations.  This is just one of the reasons that it is crucial to contact an expert in Medicaid Planning for Families.

When an applicant is over the income and countable asset limit, it becomes even more important to obtain the assistance of a company specializing in Medicaid Planning for Families.  When this is the case, legal work is required to arrange the income and assets in such a way that the applicant can qualify.  A special trust known as a Qualified Income Trust will be needed in order to “lower” the applicant’s income to such a level that it is within the limit.  Additionally, steps must be taken to rearrange countable assets to either non-countable or exempt assets.  Both categories are protected from being considered when determining eligibility.  This is extremely difficult to do without the assistance of experts in Medicaid Planning for families.

Not only are many of the protection strategies complex to understand, but they require specialized legal documentation that will be very difficult to correctly obtain apart from a company that specializes in Medicaid Planning for Families.  Navigating family dynamics, legal strategy, legal documentation, and the application itself is too much to try to juggle during such a trying time.

Over to You:

Platinum Benefit Services has been helping clients obtain Medicaid eligibility for over 17 years and has obtained over 14,000 approvals for our clients.  We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients receive the benefits to which they are entitled and that every facet of the approval is correct. If you want to be in the best hands when it comes to Medicaid Planning for Families, contact Platinum Benefit Services today!

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