Aid and Attendance Benefit Application

Aid and attendance become a crucial support system for those who require assistance with their daily activities. According to a report, there are 9.8 million VA beneficiaries, and 45% of them have multiple benefits associated with health care and disability compensation. Read on to learn all about the aid and attendance benefit application that becomes the lifeline of most veterans during their older days.

What is Aid and Attendance Benefit?

The Aid and Attendance benefit is the extended pension benefit that the Department of Veterans Affairs has provided. The main objective of the aid and attendance benefit application program is to offer financial assistance to veterans and their spouses who require assistance from others to carry out their daily activities like eating, bathing, dressing and managing medication.

Who is Eligible for Aid and Attendance Benefits?

VA Aid and attendance benefits are for veterans who have served active duty for more than 90 consecutive days, including at least a full day during wartime. Plus, the veterans must meet at least one of these requirements.

•Age must be 65 or older with no static or limited income

•Have a permanent and total disability

•Receive Social Security Disability Insurance

•Receive Supplemental Security Income

•Residing in the Nursing Home

Apart from these, the aid and attendance benefit application beneficiaries should meet at least one of the clinical requirements.

•Require assistance from others to carry out daily activities like eating, bathing and dressing.

•Be on bed due to illness

•Reside in a nursing home due to mental or physical illness

•Have limited eyesight of 5/200 or less in both eyes

After all, there are some financial requirements that the applicants have to meet. These include:

•Have a net worth of less than $150,538, excluding vehicles, personal effects and residence.

•Have a limit on monthly countable income, which is the veteran's total annual income minus total annual healthcare expenditure. The total assets should be at most %80,000.

How to Apply?

Aid and attendance benefit application involves several crucial things. Here are the documents you should gather to apply for this veteran benefits program.

Required Documents:

Start the process by collecting important documents like marriage certificates, discharge papers, medical records and other asset information. These documents play a crucial role in ensuring the eligibility of the applicant.

Filling Up Application:

The applicant can obtain the aid and attendance application form and fill it out thoroughly without any mistakes. The application form requires detailed information regarding the applicant's medical condition and the type of assistance needed.

Supporting Evidence:

The applicant can include several supporting evidence like medical records, doctor’s statements and other relevant documentation that proves the assistance that the veteran requires to perform daily activities.

Financial Documents:

Financial eligibility is the key factor; to prove it, various financial documents like income, assets and expenses are required. The VA considers several factors, including net worth and income, during the financial eligibility consideration.

Final Thoughts:

The aid and attendance benefit application procedure is complex, but with the help of an expert, a veteran can qualify for this much-needed service. At Platinum Benefit Services Inc. we have a team of professionals who know the eligibility criteria, and they follow a systematic approach during the application process that ensures the approval of the application and the veteran obtains the required support. 

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