Hire Estate Planning Attorney in Florida

Many people try to avail the benefits of Medicaid as it provides healthcare coverage for low-income individuals, including long-term care services for the elderly and disabled. However, qualifying for Medicaid often involves meeting strict income and asset limits. Not all can meet these parameters, but this task can become easier with the assistance of an estate planning attorney Florida. This post will highlight the role that estate planning attorneys play in streamlining Medicaid eligibility.

Asset Protection:

The main objective of the estate planning attorney Florida is to protect the assets while qualifying for Medicaid benefits. The attorney can advise the individuals on various legal strategies to preserve their assets, like creating irrevocable trusts, spousal protection trusts, and transferring assets to exempt beneficiaries.

Planning for Medicaid Eligibility:

Medicaid comes with a handful of benefits, and it has strict income and asset limits that applicants must meet to qualify. An estate planning attorney in Florida can analyze the client's financial conditions and develop a concrete strategy to help them meet these parameters. These strategies involve divesting particular assets, spending excess income on qualified expenses, and converting countable assets to exempt assets.

Long-term Care Planning:

For seniors who require assistance with daily living activities, long-term care can be financially burdensome for families. In such conditions, an estate planning attorney in Florida plays a crucial role in helping clients plan potential long-term care needs by incorporating Medicaid-compliant strategies into their state plans. Medicaid assistance agencies like Platinum Benefit Services help to create a Medicaid trust or annuity to park assets and ensure they are not counted for eligibility purposes.

Securing Assets from Being Depleted by Nursing Home:

One of the major concerns for many families is to protect their assets from depletion by nursing home costs. In such conditions, professional estate planning attorneys help prepare and devise strategies to allow individuals to maintain ownership and control over their assets while eligible for Medicaid benefits. Proper planning prevents the requirement to exhaust savings on nursing home expenses and safeguards the support for the well-being of the spouse or other family members.

The Wrap:

Navigating Medicaid planning in Florida requires a deep understanding of this program's complex rules and regulations. In such conditions, an estate planning attorney Florida assists the applicant and helps them to get qualified for this program while securing the assets. Platinum Benefit Services offers this service to assist the applicants in availing the benefits of Medicaid while ensuring the property for the heirs.

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