Elder Law Attorneys Medicaid Planning Assistance Essential

With over 100,000 attorneys in Florida, finding an expert in Medicaid planning assistance can be difficult. Even certified Elder law attorneys may lack the expertise to execute an entire Medicaid plan and application optimally. 

Medicaid planning involves real estate, tax, investment, insurance, probate, and other areas of law. Legal advice is crucial for navigating Medicaid planning, and working with a Medicaid application company may be illegal. As you continue reading the blog, you'll discover numerous reasons why an Elder Law Attorney's Medicaid Planning assistance is invaluable.

The Need for Elder Law Attorney’s Assistance:

While it may seem logical to use an attorney for both Medicaid planning and the application process, there are several reasons to limit an attorney's involvement in the administrative process of repositioning assets and income or filing the application.

1. Elder Law Attorneys who assist with Medicaid planning also typically provide various other legal services for their clients. These can include:


•Estate planning

•Elder exploitation

•Elder abuse


•Resident rights

•Nursing home abuse

However, given the complexity and range of legal issues, attorneys often delegate some of these tasks to assistants who handle the administrative aspects of Medicaid planning and application. 

Handling all these legal issues alone is virtually impossible, as each requires a deep understanding of numerous details, time standards, and rules and regulations. 

2. Because attorneys often practice in multiple areas of law and are geographically limited, they may only see a few Medicaid cases per year, limiting their expertise in this area.

3. There is no software specifically designed to track and maintain a Medicaid case, leaving attorneys to rely on manual or semi-manual processes that can be prone to error.

4. Attorneys can be difficult to access for questions or updates, adding to the stress and uncertainty of the process.

5. Attorneys typically do not communicate with care providers, leaving them in the dark about the status of the Medicaid application and causing unnecessary anxiety for the provider and family.

Platinum offers consulting services to Florida attorneys looking to expand their practice to include Medicaid crisis planning. They also provide Medicaid application services to attorneys' clients, covering everything from information gathering and asset verification to filing applications and attending fair hearings.

The Benefits of Working with Platinum Benefit Services and an Elder Law Attorney:

Platinum Benefit Services, Inc. offers a team approach to Medicaid planning, combining the expertise of Elder Law Attorneys and Platinum's planning techniques that save families thousands of dollars in taxes. With over 14,000 approved Medicaid applications, Platinum has gained considerable expertise in the field.

Platinum has also developed software specifically designed for Medicaid planning that aids in keeping up with a case from beginning to end. They report to providers and clients weekly, making communication and understanding easier.

Additionally, Platinum provides a team to each case on day one, making the process smoother and more efficient. They also offer a Money Back Guarantee that attorneys cannot provide.

If you're seeking Medicaid planning assistance for an elderly loved one, it's wise to consider relying on Platinum and an Elder Law Attorney together. 

Here are 11 reasons why:

1. Two heads are better than one, especially regarding complex legal matters.

2. Platinum helps Elder Law Attorneys understand planning techniques that can save families dollars in taxes.

3. With Platinum's smart strategies, families can feel confident they get comprehensive, knowledgeable assistance.

4. By working with Platinum, Elder Law Attorneys may be able to help families save more assets than they would be able to solo.

5. Platinum has expertise with over 14,000 approved Medicaid applications.

6. Platinum has developed specialised software to help manage cases from start to finish, making the process smoother and more efficient.

7. Platinum provides weekly reports to the client and providers, keeping everyone informed.

8. We are available to answer any queries.

9. Platinum provides a team to your case from day one, ensuring that you have a strong support system throughout the process.

10. Platinum also offers a Money Back Guarantee, something an attorney alone may not be able to provide.

11. Finally, every Google review for Platinum specifically regards their Medicaid planning assistance and application approval, attesting to their expertise and effectiveness in this area.


Elder Law Attorney’s Medicaid Planning Assistance is essential for successful Medicaid planning and application. Working with Platinum Benefit Services and an Elder Law Attorney can provide expertise, advanced planning techniques, and a team approach that saves families money and simplifies the process.