Medicaid Planning for Senior Citizens

Medicaid planning for senior citizens is a highly needed and financially lucrative practice area. However, it is also complex, time-consuming, and often frustrating for attorneys. Many lawyers have grown disillusioned with the tediousness of the process. This complexity and frustration should not deter attorneys from adding Medicaid planning to their practice.

Platinum Benefit Services is Florida's leading expert in Medicaid application processing. With over 26 years of experience, we have obtained over 14,000 approvals for clients needing Medicaid plans for elderly citizens. Our services remove the burden of the "grunt work" from the shoulders of attorneys, making the process smoother and more efficient.

How Platinum Helps with Medicaid Planning for Senior Citizens

Verification and Assistance for Families and Financial Institutions

Platinum Benefit Services is committed to assisting families and financial institutions with the complex process of Medicaid planning. We obtain all necessary verifications for assets, income, gifting, account closures, sales of assets, and more. Our team also supports families to stay on track and informed throughout the process.

Expert Correspondence with Agencies and Facilities

We correspond with various agencies and facilities to ensure the Medicaid application process proceeds smoothly. We work with skilled nursing facilities, Florida's 11 Aging and Disability Resource Centers, CARES, and the Department of Children and Families. The latter can often become a bottleneck in the process due to its backlogged workload, but we stay abreast of the entire process and ensure Medicaid applications are approved correctly.

Troubleshooting and Error-Prevention

We troubleshoot all other problems families may face throughout the Medicaid application process. We also help prevent errors from occurring during application approval, such as those related to the start of eligibility, patient liability, Court Ordered Spousal Support without Dissolution of marriage and other issues.

Expertise and Support for Attorneys

We are happy to educate attorneys on the nuances of Medicaid planning for senior citizens. We also offer advanced and creative protection strategies that keep protected assets within the family and as liquid as possible. On average, attorneys who work with us spend only 4 hours on a given case and earn an average of $6,000 for their services. This is an excellent opportunity for attorneys to offer top-notch Medicaid planning without additional staffing expenditures.

Benefits of Working with Platinum Benefit Services

Our services help attorneys provide excellent and profitable strategies while adding minimal man-hours and no additional staffing expenditures. The attorneys we serve work an average of 4 hours on a given case and garner, on average, $6,000 for their services. This makes it a great proposition for any law firm interested in offering top-quality plans. 

Over to you:

If you're interested in simplifying your Medicaid planning for senior citizens, contact Platinum Benefit Services. We'll be happy to discuss how we can help your firm offer top Medicaid planning services easily. With our expertise, you can take on more cases and grow your practice while leaving the administrative work to us.